​​Pricing Guide

This is a basic pricing guide to allow you to have a rough idea what your commission may cost. Please be aware that pricing is flexible, the ranges listed below are given as rough costs of what I charge per figure,  and depending on your specific requirements, in some circumstances it may exceed the given figures. As a general rule of thumb; the larger a model the more it will cost, but similar units of figures will normally cost the same. The greater the level of detail you require, such as unit numbering, freehand work or conversions will also increase the price.

​I offer three levels of detail for general commissions, which can be tuned in a variety of different ways to work with each clients requirements, such as certain models in a force can be picked out to a higher standard, with the rest to a more regular level etc.  The two levels of painting I offer for normal commissions are Regular Army Standard, Regular + Army Standard and High Army Standard.  These are broken down further into unit types.  

The links below have pages showing examples of my work to give you a guide on what the different levels offer and a rough price per miniature, however to get the most accurate cost quote please e-mail me on the contact page.

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