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Infantry Model prep and clean-up - £1-£2 per model

Vehicle and Monster prep and clean-up - £5-£20 per model


​All freehand requirements (Banners\tattoos etc) will be costed on a case by case basis, i will be happy to discuss any ideas clients may have and agree on what can and cannot be done etc and a price for the work.


I am happy to work within a rough guideline a client stipulates for any conversion work.  A budget from the client will set what parts or equipment will be used for any conversions and a charge for the work itself will be added to the final cost of the work, this cost will be at least the same as the budget for parts, but will increase with the difficulty of the conversion.


Basic - Flock\Gravel\Basic Snow - included in the cost of the miniature being painted.

Basic built up 'slate' effect base painted in suitable colours - £3 per miniature (Discounts for bulk commissions)

Display piece bases - Costed on a case by case basis, the more complicated, the more expensive.

Plinths - Coming soon