Here at Pictish Miniature Painting I aim to offer a unique, professional and enjoyable service to my customers. I want to work with you to agree upon a high quality, tailored and affordable solution for your wargaming painting and hobby needs.  Below is a guide to help prospective clients through the commissioning process for a miniatures project from Pictish Miniature Painting.

Pictish Miniature Painting provides an experienced and friendly way of having your wargaming painting needs carried out. From  tabletop level gaming armies to  fantastic display pieces you can be guaranteed that all of your figures will be completed to the highest of standards. Please look at my gallery (banner link above) to see numerous examples of my work.

I like to deal personally with all my clients and I welcome all enquires.  The best way to contact me is through an email at or message me on the business Facebook page.  

  • What information should I include?

To ensure that I can provide you with the best service possible, having a clear outline of the work you wish to have completed is essential.  The more detail you include the more accurate your finished commission will be.  
1. Your name - I am a friendly sort and its nice to deal with clients personally :).
2. A detailed model list showing the number and type of models. This will allow me to provide an accurate price, so there are no surprises down the road.
3. The level of quality (Basic Tabeletop, Tabletop Plus, Tabletop High, Premium Tabletop or display)

4. Colour scheme

5. Basing required

6. Symbols/transfers/free hand work required 

Once I have received your initial outline, I will reply with an email outlining all costs as accurately as possible. If you wish any changes at this stage, please let me know. As soon as we agree on the quote work can begin.

 Please include if you just want the models to be painted, or if you would like anything built, converted, based to a higher standard etc.

If you don't know all this information, don't worry - I can talk you through the options!

Optional work
1. Clean up and Gluing - If you want me to buy the figures locally and put them together there is an added cost to clean up and assemble the models.  If you send me the models that are pre-assembled, if they require further clean up, this may also incur a cost.
2. Conversion work - Adding extra guns (MOAR GUNS!!!), armour, weapons, whole bodies or a simple headswap is all possible. Any conversion work you may have in mind can be discussed as to its feasibility and what budget you may have in mind.
5. Replicating previous work - Quite often clients want newly commissioned work to match an existing army etc. I can colour match previous work, however I cannot guarantee that it will turn out exactly the same  due to differences in paint recipes etc.  If you have anything you would like to replicate with a commission, please feel free to discuss it at the outset.

Settling the bill
With all commissions i request that 50% of the agreed quote is paid up front plus the cost of the models if I am purchasing them for you, this is to ensure that you are serious about the work and allows me to cover an initial costs.  I accept payment by; Paypal, Bank Transfer or Cash. The full outstanding amount is to be paid before the commission is shipped back to you.  You will receive email confirmation on receipt of payment and shipping of the figures.

Completion and review
When a project has been completed, I will take several high quality photographs so you can assess the work clearly and let me know if you are satisfied. If you have any concerns or requests at this time, please let me know clearly what you have noticed or want changed etc.  If you are happy with the work, I will pack the items and ship them to the agreed address or for pick up if agreed upon earlier.

How long will it take?
All projects are planned out on a job by job basis, however as a rough guide, a regular standard quality commission will take less time than high standard work. You can expect your project to be completed in a timely manner from when I receive any models, although large projects may take longer. You will be made aware of an estimated completion date when I start. If you have a specific date in mind I will be happy to work with you to the best of my ability, but please inform me ASAP, as I may have to plan around other work.
You will receive regular updates on how your project is coming along. Please do feel free to contact me at any point throughout your project, I want my clients to feel they can talk to me at any time if they need to!

Once we have agreed upon the commission and if you want to ship the figures to my premises, I will provide a shipping address. It is your responsibility to ensure that your models are shipped in a secure and well packaged manner. Pictish Miniature Painting cannot be held responsible for any damage caused during shipping. I always ensure that your painted figures are packed as safely and securely as possible to ensure they arrive undamaged. 

Your order will be sent out within 3 days of payment being received using an agreed courier, i.e. Royal Mail or Parcel Force etc.. Please note this may be slightly longer at busier holiday times.
Please contact me for worldwide postage costs, an extra cost may be payable depending on location.
Please allow up to 7 days for UK delivery and 28 days for Europe & Rest of World.
I only send to the address provided by Paypal unless notified otherwise so therefore can not take responsibility for items not going to the correct address.

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